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Mister Tambourineman

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tired 2, 3? Feb. 22nd, 2016 @ 12:14 am
the furnace is guttering.  I should have picked up that space heater.  isn't it funny how you can spend money based  on a stranger's expectation that you will make more.  Clearly, visa has never read Locke.
Its not a good time of year for this.  I opened a restaurant.  it's okay. I miss having friends.  kitchen people almost universally suck. I was probably supposed to do something else.
Oh well.  you win some you lose some, I guess.
I can still remember thinking about the year 2000 and how far away it was and how I would be SEVENTEEN.
Well seventeen plus seventeen is coming up awfully fast.
When do those locusts hit?

Ghost towns in cyber space Sep. 13th, 2014 @ 12:45 am
My daughter has night terrors. My son is asleep.
And too young to leave.

And lists and lists endless May. 24th, 2013 @ 09:51 pm
Wellsy wellsy wellsy.  My dog sits on a green chair.  I am.
Starved for free time, my meaningfullest time, I'm here, family away, first time apart, five years in--at least.
I seek out the old stuff. This journal always sucked, complete ego, check out aidion. THAT was emotion, but just cribbed consonance from eliot and walser my birthday was yesterday.
Big 30, what what?
So what now: stare until my focus goes soft? Find a handful of words to blend, refined?  Funds now, stacks and stacks of books, games, music I haven't had the time for, recipes I haven't cared to make. The carrots will freeze tonight (memorial day).  Boxes on the peppers, cilantro and tomatoes.
The lettuce will fend for themselves.

And so it goes... May. 23rd, 2013 @ 12:42 am
-videos of my daughter singing to herself while drawing
-Birthday presents to myself
-snakes and spiders

more to come, I'm sure.

more things I like May. 2nd, 2013 @ 01:52 am
sapporo ichiban chow mein
the swings
Soul music
Other entries
» Things I Like Today
The soundtrack to the movie, Drive
Books by Thomas Hardy
Movies featuring Michelle Williams

That is all.
» (No Subject)
Hey kids, check out my podcast or I'll kill you.
It's the first one so cut me some slack or I'll kill you.
Now have a good night or I'll kill you.
» get thirty bucks back this april!
If you've made a long-distance call in the past three years in the US, you can get 30-60 dollars back on your tax return this year for an old tax funding the Spanish-American War.
you're probably all elible for this, or won't be audited anyway because you're too broke to afford a phone. get a job, slacker!

» def spam poetry slam
I'm glad they explain each of these benefits, because they're intially far too vague to fully understand:

"Increased sexual desire - Enhanced libido
Rock hard erections - Erections like steel
Multiple orgasms - Cum again and again
Longer orgasms - The longest most intense orgasms of your life
Ejaculate like a porn star - Stronger ejaculation (watch
where your aiming)
Sweeter tasting sperm - Studies show it improves the flavor"

mmmm.... sweet, sweet sperm.
» It's Fuck-You Friday!
In case anyone is wondering this pretty much sums up how I feel about having to go in to work in an hour.

Last day off: Tuesday
Next day off: NEXT Friday.
» Thar! she blows!
Oh Good. Here comes winter.

» (No Subject)
jesus, did I just see Black Thought in a GAP ad?
I'd be less disturbed if it turns out I just think black folks all look alike.
How white am I? Hold on, gotta go watch a rerun of Becker...
» I would name her rock n' roll.
Feeling fairly accomplished with my past twenty hours or so.
Finally completed the first entry on my new gaming Blog (now accepting criticism and advice).
Created my first successful roux which I used to thicken a very simple tomato sauce (instantly making it incredible).
Did the dishes.
Went to work.
Single-handedly gained control of the House of Representatives (you didn't know that was me?).
Made my own variant of Alton Brown's Creamed Corn Recipe
Drank a bottle of Shiraz, which in case you hadn't heard, is apparently better for me than a balanced diet and frequent humpin'!
Now I just need to stay up until those landlords get here at 7:45 so we can finally get some 'sound-proofing' up in this piece.
» (No Subject)
Teodor from Achewood talks about the subtle brilliance of bread-baking:


I find that the best blogs are maintained by fictional stuffed animals.
Erik and I took a trip to the Washington County WaHO this evening.

See the rest at Erik's Flickr
» ya-hay!! do it again!

» (No Subject)
woah... meta.
» michael... you're eating maggots, michael.
okay, so how did maggots get into my pack of ramen?? honestly!
not only were there maggots, I didn't realize there were maggots until the infected ramen had already been added to an entire dish that it was merely meant to enhance.
Now my apartment smells like roasted garlic, sesame and ginger and all i can bring myself to eat is dry Corn Pops.

Additional note to upstairs neighbors:
maybe if you'd stop moving chain-fettered furniture about your living room at half past midnight, your demon-infant son would stop hating you enough to cease his wailing!
» CATMAN up for adoption
I thought I had mentioned this on here before, but apparently not.
I'm trying to find a new home for Catman, as I can no longer keep him. He is currently living with gracious ex-girlfriend until I can find a suitable alternative.
This whole thing is more difficult since Catman has no medical papers (his previous owners gave me none) and has been diagnosed with feline herpes, which while harmless to people, are dangerous to other cats he might meet.
If any of you in the greater Pittsburgh area would like a friendly, energetic tabby or know someone who might, please let me know.

craig's list ad for pics:
» squiz

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